Deformation II



205x60x70  cm

The series titled "Inside" delves into the artist's interest in psychoanalysis, seeking to explore the intricate processes that shape and deform our identities. Within this series, two sculptures, "Deformation I" and "Deformation II," take center stage.

Using a diverse range of materials and techniques, the artist endeavors to visually represent the transformative forces that mold us into who we are. To capture the essence of personal shaping and deformation, the artist interviewed friends, delving into their experiences to understand the factors that influence their individual identities. The resulting sculptures employ flexible materials such as silicone and rubber, physically deformed by objects adorned with transcribed texts from these interviews. These sculptures become tangible representations of the intricate interplay between personal narratives and external influences.

An additional source of inspiration for the series stems from Jeffrey Eugenides' novel, "Virgin Suicides." The artist draws upon the book's narrative approach, characterized by an ongoing quest to uncover a certain elusive "truth" within the underlying story. In "Virgin Suicides," an "unnatural" collective narrator is employed, using "we" rather than the singular "I." This narrative technique contributes to a sense of unnaturalness, portraying a group that functions as a collective entity, rather than clearly defined individuals.

The incorporation of this narrative approach serves as a parallel to the artist's exploration in the "Inside" series. It prompts viewers to reflect on the intricate dynamics between personal experiences, external influences, and collective forces that shape our identities. The sculptures, alongside the inspiration from "Virgin Suicides," highlight the complex nature of self-formation, emphasizing how our sense of self can be influenced and molded by both internal and external factors.

By intertwining psychoanalysis, personal interviews, and literary inspiration, the artist presents a exploration of the forces that shape and deform us as individuals. The sculptures within the series offer viewers a visual and conceptual journey, challenging us to contemplate the multifaceted nature of our identities and the power of our experiences.