Kiddo I-V


Serie of sculptures 

Mixed media, Various sizes

The series draws its initial visual reference from Jindřich Štýrský's evocative drawing, "Dream of Tattooed Infants," serving as a starting point for Ryšavá's exploration. 

Within this series, the artist delves into a darker period of her life, aiming to capture the symbolic end of childhood that she personally experienced—an awakening from the belief that goodness and love always triumph, and the symbolic death of the inner child.

Initially, the series began as a more direct depiction of Štýrský's drawing. However, as the artist progressed, the representation of the tattoos evolved, gradually shifting towards stylization. These tattoos are crafted using drawings and diary entries, intertwining personal narratives and artistic expression.

The incorporation of text onto the surface of sculptures is a distinct characteristic of Ryšavá's earlier works, which still holds a presence within this series. Additionally, the artist continues to explore the medium of textiles, which has become a signature element of her practice.

Of particular interest to the artist is the use of textiles with a past, worn appearance, and a sense of history. Utilizing such materials carries a deep sense of intimacy, allowing Ryšavá to envision that a worn t-shirt or an old bedsheet can serve as vessels of preservation, encapsulating the events and experiences of the past. By employing these textiles, the artist strives to capture the momentum of her personal story and imbue her artworks with a tangible connection to the past.

Through this series, the artist embarks on a poignant exploration of personal growth, the passage of time, and the transformative nature of experiences. The utilization of Štýrský's drawing as a starting point establishes a visual and conceptual foundation, while the artist's unique approach with textiles and text infuses the artworks with a rich tapestry of emotions and narrative layers.