Textiles, fiberglass, wood

194x60x157 cm

The series "Alone Together" delves into the intricate dynamics of relationships and intimacy, exploring the complexities that arise within human connections.

Within this series, the textile sculpture 'Connections' draws inspiration from the work of Judith Scott. The process of wrapping, which is organic and intuitive, holds a therapeutic quality for the artist. As the artist embarked on creating this sculpture, they grappled with reconciling the impact of their parents' divorce. To infuse the artwork with personal significance, pieces of old clothes belonging to the artist's parents were incorporated into its construction.

Intended for outdoor display, 'Connections' embodies the impermanence and frailty of relationships. The fabric that binds the two figures together is deliberately chosen to fray and wither over time, mirroring the eventual decay of the bond and emotions shared by the couple. As time progresses, the sculpture visually symbolizes the gradual dissolution of their connection. Ultimately, only solitary figures remain, no longer tethered to each other by any tangible link.

The sculpture serves as a representation of the complexities of human connections, while highlighting the inevitable changes and challenges that relationships face over time.