Dialogue (A)


Concrete, metal, wood

108x110x60 cm

The sculptural project "Once Upon a Time" draws inspiration from both classic fairy tales and local fairy tales from Bohemia. It delves into the themes of gender inequality and the persistent gender roles that permeate our daily lives. By exploring the erroneous lessons embedded in individual fairy tales, the artist playfully sheds light on these chosen themes.

The artwork within the project, titled "Dialogue A and B," delves into the constant competition and comparison imposed upon women. It takes inspiration from the tale of "Cinderella" and her stepsisters as an example of this behavior. The artist recognizes that not only are fairy tales guilty of promoting negative examples of relationships between women, but stories and articles in contemporary media also contribute to this trend by encouraging jealousy and envy.

The sculpture is presented in two versions. The first version embodies the negative narrative of women being pitted against each other, depicted through rusty nails that physically separate them. In contrast, the second version portrays a personal interpretation of female relationships, emphasizing cooperation. The sculptures sit opposite each other on chairs that have been partially cut, while the inner parts are composed of soft plush textiles. These intertwined bodies symbolize the indispensability of cooperation between women, illustrating that one would be incomplete without the other.