Femme Forma


Polyester resin, acrylics, resin

73x29x14 cm

"Femme Forma" is a sculpture that delves into the complexities and negative connotations surrounding body image. This artwork focuses on the female body, from head to stomach, divided into four distinct parts, each painted in different pastel tones. The artwork is out of sturdy polyester resin and fiberglass. Through its fragmented composition, "Femme Forma" challenges the unattainable standards of beauty imposed by society. The use of pastel colors represents the subtle nuances of perception, while the division lines, accented with red glitter, symbolize the inherent pressure. Orchids, symbolizing rare beauty and strength, serve as a reminder of the unattainable ideals often imposed upon individuals. The artwork encourages viewers to think about the harmful narratives surrounding beauty standards and foster a more inclusive understanding of the diverse realities of femininity.