Love Is Blindness


Concrete, metal

192x130x80 cm

The sculpture within the series "Alone Together," titled "Love Is Blindness," encapsulates the exploration of relationships and intimacy, delving into the inherent complexities that lie beneath the surface.

Inspired by Magritte's renowned painting, "The Lovers," the artist finds resonance in a particular interpretation that deeply resonates. This interpretation revolves around the notion of an inherent inability to fully reveal the true nature of even our most intimate companions, resulting in a representation of the frustrations that arise from unfulfilled desires. It captures the profound realization that despite our closest proximity to others, there remains a sense of mystery and isolation, hindering the achievement of true closeness. The sculpture embodies the dichotomy of proximity and alienation, highlighting the longing for intimacy while acknowledging the barriers that impede its realization.

 The artwork prompts contemplation on the elusive nature of true intimacy and the yearning to uncover what is hidden beneath the surface of our relationships. Through its form and symbolism, "Love Is Blindness" captures the essence of the struggle to fully understand and connect with others, emphasizing the inherent isolation that can permeate our closest connections.