Polyester resin, fiberglass, metal
180x53x57 cm


The sculpture titled "Scream" is the author's profound response to the war in Ukraine, reflecting the turmoil and helplessness experienced during such a devastating conflict.

Overwhelmed by the constant stream of news and images on screens and displays, feeling paralyzed by the magnitude of the situation. The crumbling state of the world made it challenging to find solace, sleep, or even focus on daily tasks while societal expectations demanded a sense of normalcy. Feeling the helplessness, struggling to find the right words of comfort for friends directly affected by the ongoing crisis.

In response to this overwhelming sense of powerlessness, the artist turned to the concept of scream therapy, a recognized method for releasing pent-up emotions and relieving stress. By channeling their emotions into the process of creation, the artist found solace and a coping mechanism to internalize the ongoing events.

The sculpture portrays a person screaming into a pillow, rendered in a monochromatic color palette. The deliberate choice of red as the dominant color symbolizes both aggression and spilled blood, echoing the violence and trauma associated with war. Red also holds significance in representing propaganda, with its aggressive character.

Emphasizing the civilian nature of the subject, the figure is depicted in ordinary home clothes. The absence of a visible head directs attention to the convulsive expression of the hands tightly clutching the pillow, conveying the intensity of the scream. Through these elements, including the aggressive red color, the sculpture encapsulates the raw emotion and distress experienced in the face of conflict.