Sleeping Beauty


concrete, metal, epoxy resin, fiberglass

61x202x81 cm

The larger sculptural series "Once Upon a Time" draws inspiration from classic and local fairy tales, highlighting the influence of gender inequality and roles that persist in our daily lives. Through an exploration of misguided lessons found in fairy tales, the artist playfully emphasizes selected themes.

The sculpture 'Sleeping Beauty' takes inspiration from the original Grimm Brothers' version of the fairy tale. In this rendition, the so-called "happy ending" is actually quite disturbing—the sleeping princess is not awakened by a kiss, but rather by the birth of two children resulting from her rape by the king. By focusing on the theme of consent, the artist portrays the vulnerability of the sleeping girl through thorns embedded in her body. These thorns symbolize the defense mechanisms employed by plants, highlighting the absence of such protection for victims. Additionally, the crawling arms, morphing into snake-like forms, represent the unwanted touch of a predator.