Crystalized sugar, metal, textile, polyester resin
165x235x120 cm

The larger sculptural series "Once Upon a Time" draws inspiration from classic and local fairy tales, highlighting the influence of gender inequality and roles that persist in our daily lives. Through an exploration of misguided lessons found in fairy tales, the artist playfully emphasizes selected themes.

The sculpture 'Sweetheart' explores the portrayal of female characters in literature, particularly in fairy tales. A common flaw in these tales is the depiction of women as passive objects, waiting for rescue from male heroes or supernatural beings, rather than active participants who drive the plot forward. The artist sought to capture this waiting and passive role through a creative process in which she herself patiently awaited the sculpture to take shape. The idealized figure of a woman is submerged in a tank of sugar water, symbolizing the passivity and waiting depicted in the artwork. After months of waiting, the sculpture crystallizes into its solid form without the artist's active intervention.

Through these sculptures, the artist confronts gender-related themes in fairy tales, shedding light on the problematic narratives and passive portrayals of female characters. The artworks encourage viewers to question traditional gender roles and reflect on the dynamics of power, consent, and agency present within these tales.