pigmented laminate, metal

189x56x40 cm + 7x80x80 cm

The sculpture 'Wolfman' is a site-specific artwork that embodies the theme of "memory of a place." It weaves together individual and historical memories, personal narratives, and universally recognized archetypes to create multi-layered content.

Specifically created for the city park in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, 'Wolfman' draws inspiration from the selected fairy tale "About a Soldier, Son of a blacksmith" written by B.M. Kulda (1820–1903). The sculpture's metaphorical storyline revolves around the fate of the male hero, the blacksmith's son, who, after ten years of military service, seeks to reunite with his father. Tragically, his return is untimely, resulting in the loss of the inheritance that his sister had received during his absence. While the sister assumes the role of an incorrigibly cunning character, the main protagonist fulfills the archetypal destiny of successfully rescuing the king's daughter. Throughout the tale, the wolf, bear, and lion play significant roles. In the climax, they metamorphose into their original forms as men/knights, aiding the hero in accomplishing his quest.

In 'Wolfman,' the metaphorical concept of human imprisonment in animal form is explored. This theme also resonates with artist´´´ s previous work, 'Wolf Girl,' which depicted an ideal woman harmoniously connected to her own masculine soul. Through the sculpture,the artist delves into the complex relationship between human and animal nature, inviting contemplation on themes of identity, transformation, and the interplay between the male and female aspects of the self.

The sculpture 'Wolfman' stands as a visual representation of the intricacies of memory, personal narratives, and archetypal symbolism.